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I have been deeply interested in music my entire life. I’ve always felt that it is one of the most effective and beautiful ways of connecting people to each other and to something greater.

I love listening to and creating music. I play guitar, bass, drums, keys, and a few more eccentric instruments.

You can find a lot of my work under the pseudonym “catapultic” on most of the major music stores including Spotify, Rdio, Amazon Music, iTunes, Google Play, etc. Commercial ventures and publications are conducted via my Single Coil Studios label. I’m always interested in new opportunities to work with other creative media, especially video games.


Idlewild (2016)

This album was actually composed when I was living in Australia in 2013. Two instruments per track, exploring the seven modes, super simple meditative music.


Polychromatic (Xbox One, Steam, 2015 – Brushfire Games)

Available in online stores. Hear one of the tracks for free on SoundCloud.

I composed three original uptempo, DnB / Trance style tracks for this dual stick shooter. Acoustic and electric guitars are blended seamlessly with meticulously sequenced drums and synths, with a good dose of dynamics. I also created the sound effects.

“The sound quality is also top notch. From the moment you start playing the game, the score is infectious and very appropriate in every single aspect.”

– Andrew Gonzalez,

Check out Polychromatic on Xbox One and Steam.

Shipwreck (Steam, 2013 – Brushfire Games)

Available now on iTunes, and most other online stores:

Amazon | Rdio Google Play | Spotify

This album contains 16 unique tracks, including entirely unique level and boss compositions specifically designed to match the art and vibe in this great Zelda-inspired retro adventure game by Brushfire Games.

Shipwreck is available on Steam.

catapultic – Stories on Sound Waves

My debut album is available on most online music stores.

Amazon | Rdio | Google Play | Spotify